Voice Lessons
For aspiring and professional singers of all ages and abilities.

Calling all San Francisco Bay Area singers!

Work one-on-one with a vocal coach who tailors each voice lesson to your individual skill set and vocal goals. Students are thoughtfully paired with talented and knowledgeable vocal coaches who can best help them develop as a singer.

Songbird vocal coaches are experts in teaching contemporary voice—pop, soul, R&B, country, rock, folk—as well as more traditional styles of singing, including classical, jazz and musical theater.

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For every singing level...

Songbird fosters a community of like-minded artists for endless inspiration and collaboration!

Beginners & Hobbyists

To help you become comfortable and confident in your own singing voice, each Songbird lesson includes:

  • A quick check-in on how you’re feeling and a review of your practice through the week
  • A vocal warm-up to get your vocal folds moving in a healthy, easy way
  • Practicing custom designed exercises that focus on your technical vocal development
  • The fun stuff—Applying what you’re working on to your favorite songs!

Professionals & Aspiring Professionals

In addition to refining your technical vocal skills, Songbird helps you navigate the business of being a performing artist by:

  • Fostering artistic development by identifying your goals as an artist and building a step-by-step plan for achieving them
  • Developing a healthy and balanced voice through exercises that encourage a balanced, healthy, and expressive sound throughout your vocal range
  • Preparing a tour regimen that arms you with tools to maintain a healthy voice while performing night after night
  • Coaching in-studio recording sessions for your next single or album

What to Expect at Your First Lesson

Your first voice lesson can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve never sang in front of another person before.

To help put you at ease, here’s an overview of what you can expect at your first lesson with Songbird, regardless of your experience.

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  • Everyone’s first lesson is thirty minutes long: we spend 20 minutes getting to know you and singing, and then 10 minutes reviewing membership options going forward!
  • We’ll review your background, your musical interests, and vocal goals
  • We’ll ask you to sing a bit to get a sense for your unique voice
  • We’ll customize a set of scales and exercises to focus on your technical vocal development, and if there’s time apply it to a song of your choice
  • We’ll discuss your options for signing up for one of our memberships and scheduling a regular lesson time going forward!

Songbird Membership

All Songbird students work on a membership basis to maintain a consistent cadence and constant progress with their vocal practice. This means students commit to regularly scheduled lessons, and are charged on the first of each month.

Memberships start at $155 per month. Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, are weekly or biweekly, and take place at one of Songbird’s three San Francisco studios or online via Zoom — whatever works for your schedule.

Feel free to check out our policies for more details!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are fully equipped with the latest technology for online lessons. Songbird has all the tools in place to make your online experience the best that it can be, including pre-recorded scales for you to use at home & the addition of extracurricular classes and events which are currently being held online as well.

At Songbird Studios, we don’t believe in the phrase “tone deaf.” We work with singers of ALL levels and feel that everyone can benefit from a good dose of singing. Try a complimentary intro lesson and see for yourself!

You bet! Many of our vocal coaches play various instruments and are established songwriters and professional performers in their own right. If you’re a current student, you can discuss options with your vocal coach. If you’re new to Songbird, let us know that you’re interested in songwriting/learning an instrument when you fill out the contact form, or during one of your lessons.

After your first intro lesson (which is free of charge), all Songbird students operate on a membership basis for one-on-one voice lessons. We do this so that students can achieve consistent and continued progress with their vocals. Contact us directly for more information, or to sign up for your first lesson.

Your first intro lesson is 30 minutes long; we spend 20 minutes talking and singing, and then 10 minutes reviewing your membership options going forward.

No problem! Just let us know via email () and we’ll let your teacher know. While we do not offer makeup lessons, we have developed additional benefits for clients to maximize their Songbird Membership. Please check out our Weekly Live Warmups (via our Facebook Page) and our Songbird YouTube Playlist of Practice Scales & Exercises.

If you find yourself regularly missing lessons, you might want to consider upgrading to our FLEX membership, which allows a reschedule.

Our studio is closed on major holidays. While we do not offer makeup lessons, we have developed many additional benefits for clients to maximize their Songbird Membership. Be sure to check out our Zoom Master Classes (free for all Songbird Members!) and our Songbird YouTube Playlist of Practice Scales & Exercises.

In the rare case a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, due to illness or emergency, we will do our absolute best to bring in a highly qualified substitute teacher! If a sub is not available, we will add a teaching day so you can come in to make up your one-on-one lesson. 

Changes to Memberships must be done at least 15 days prior to the first of the next month. This can only be done online by filling out this form. Changes and/or cancellations communicated by phone or in person are not acceptable. If necessary, a $90 expedited processing fee may be paid to cancel any membership effective immediately.

If you have significant reasons that make coming to lessons temporarily difficult, please discuss with your vocal coach and studio assistant. With proper notice you can pause your membership and pick back up when you are able. We will always work to find a spot for you when you are ready to return. We can’t guarantee the ability to hold your current time slot, as our studio is high demand.

Due to the Covid-19 risk, we require any students experiencing cold-like symptoms do *NOT* come in person and instead opt for an online lesson. You can let us know via email or via our Last Minute Text Line.
If you need to skip your lesson entirely, please let us know via email (voice@songbirdsf.com). Be sure to check out our Zoom Master Classes (free for all Songbird Members!) and our Songbird YouTube Playlist of Practice Scales & Exercises.

Find the event that you’re interested in on the event calendar, and log in or create an account to register. If you have any questions or run into technical issues, you can always email or call Songbird so that we can assist you.

Check your email! All Songbird students get regular emails with discount codes that you can use during online registration. If you can’t find the appropriate code, you can always email or call us so that we can assist you.

Songbird does not accept cash or check payments for membership fees—All transactions are done with credit or debit cards. When students first join Songbird, they sign up with a credit or debit card. That information is securely stored within our system and you are charged automatically on the 1st of each month for your membership.

This same credit or debit card can also be used when registering for an event online.

I’m a musician (electric bass) with no previous vocal training and while my bass-playing is proficient, my singing had always been merely mediocre … until I started taking lessons at Songbird. Christina is teaching me to understand the physical dynamics of my “instrument“ (the voice box) and how best to use this knowledge to my advantage — and the results are impressive.

Geoffrey C