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Melee T.

 October 21, 2020   |    Jamie Hanrahan   |    

I felt like my voice no longer worked and thought maybe I just couldn’t sing anymore. But within weeks of working with Ashten, whole new dimensions started opening up in my voice. It is like learning to sing again, but this time with all the technique and artistry that a talented teacher can impart.

Amir S

 October 21, 2020   |    Jamie Hanrahan   |    

The facilities are beautiful, the teachers are real pros, and there is a real sense of community about this place. Highly recommended.

Geoffrey C

 October 21, 2020   |    Jamie Hanrahan   |    

I’m a musician (electric bass) with no previous vocal training and while my bass-playing is proficient, my singing had always been merely mediocre … until I started taking lessons at Songbird. Christina is teaching me to understand the physical dynamics of my “instrument“ (the voice box) and how best to use this knowledge to my…