Niall David Cytryn

Co-Owner & Business Partner

Niall’s (he/him) role at Songbird Studios encompasses business growth and development. He is active in the day-to-day workings at the studio typically helping the leadership team, administrative staff and vocal coaches evolve and expand studio offerings, offer impeccable client services, refine and establish efficient operational best practices, facilities management, and any other task where a small business outfit may need a little help.

Outside of Songbird, Niall is an accomplished commercial business marketing photographer through his other professional endeavor Niall David Photography. He collaborates with both private and commercial business clients who greatly appreciate people & relationships, art & design, creativity & expression, and deeply value and revere the art of visual imagery.

Before beginning his photography career and his tenure at Songbird, Niall, who holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies, worked as a sustainable design specialist for an international commercial architecture firm in Washington DC and San Francisco, as well as an environmental educator for a highly respected non-profit in New York. That early exposure to innovative, sustainable design, environmental education and science greatly influenced how he would later evolve his life experiences into growing his passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Hometown: Spring Valley, NY