McKenna Troy

Associate Vocal Coach

McKenna Troy (she/her) is a crossover singer who believes that holistic artistic development is essential to becoming an excellent performer. In her teaching practice, she focuses on unblocking whatever is holding a student back- in order to access their full, authentic, free voice. Incorporating growth mindset, confidence building strategy and breathwork into all of her vocal technique training, McKenna takes pride in her student’s development not only as excellent singers, but as fulfilled and successful artists.

McKenna holds a music honors degree from Northwestern University where she received a full music scholarship for her double major in Voice Performance and Entrepreneurial Marketing & Design (a major she created at Northwestern). She believes that every music student should have the opportunity to pair their musical education with real world applications and mentors all of her students who are interested in musical entrepreneurship.

In her own work, McKenna has spent the past two summers touring the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy as a principal soprano in the operas Falstaf and La Bohème with the Voci Nel Montefeltro festival. She’s worked in music administration at the Wiener Staatsoper while performing concerts in Vienna, Austria and sings frequently with choirs, churches and cathedrals throughout the US. McKenna also loves to perform musical theater, pop, and jazz, and she is currently working on writing and releasing her first folk album – a work reminiscent of her small town New England roots.

When McKenna is not teaching/performing, you can find her practicing yoga, playing in adult soccer league, hiking, meditating, interior designing her home, latin/swing dancing or being a tea connoisseur.

Hometown: Amherst, MA