Kathy Parmisano

Lead Studio Administrator

Kathy (she/her) is currently living abroad in England where she is studying Marketing Management at the University of Westminster in London. With an ever growing passion for art and music, she loves going to concerts and local shows —watching a live performance is an experience she cannot get enough of.

Kathy has serendipitously been an administrative rockstar with Songbird Studios since July 2014 and word on the street is she can’t wait for the years to come! Her career here at the studio has helped take us to new heights, in ways that we couldn’t fill an entire web page with – imagine one person being the glue that holds every administrative task at a business together from behind the scenes – and there you have the amazingly talented and versatile Kathy Parmisano.

As a team we’re not sure where we’d all be without her. Everyone who interacts with Songbird has a touchpoint with Kathy; make sure to say hello next time you’re chatting with her!

Hometown: Millbrae, CA