Jessica Fein

Associate Vocal Coach

Jessica (she/her) is a passionate singer-songwriter, holistic vocal coach, and life-long musician. Originally from Miami, FL, Jessica has been singing since she was a child and has been blessed to study with a variety of voice and music teachers for the past 25 years in South Florida and Boulder, Colorado. She joins Songbird after running her private voice studio in South Florida for 5 years. She is an expert at fusing functional vocal technique with somatic and energetic awareness skills informed by her experience as a yoga teacher. In addition to her experience in musical realms, Jessica has extensively studied postmodern dance, theater and interdisciplinary performance art. She received her music degree from Naropa University, where she delved deep into contemporary vocal technique, vocal improvisation, ensemble-based performance, and mindfulness in the creative process. Jessica comes from a long-time yoga background with over 1000 hours of teaching experience in therapeutic and alignment-based vinyasa yoga.

As an artist, she writes and performs original ‘medicine music’ – soul music for the heart and spirit. Her vocal style fuses R&B and jazz influences with ethereal healing melodies and rhythms to create a unique sound that inspires your deepest feels. She released her first EP, ‘Cosmic Mystery,’ in 2017, a fusion of R&B, acoustic, and world music poured in a collective stew of electronica, bass and neo-tribal beats. Jessica has performed her music and offered voice workshops at music and yoga festivals around the country, including: Okeechobeefest, Zen Awakening, Gratifly, YogaFest FL, Grassroots Festival, Fractal Beach, and more. Jessica frequently performs at mindful events geared towards healing and celebration.

As a teacher, Jessica loves meeting each student where they are at and helping each individual person find their groove with their singing. She guides her students to sing with ease and confidence, and encourages them to find their unique voice and expression. She has been a part of the Songbird team since 2020. You can expect a fun, illuminating and rewarding experience working with Jessica!

Hometown: Miami, FL