Dara Ackerman

Associate Vocal Coach

Dara (she/her) is thrilled to be joining Songbird Studios. She has been working with singers across genres and styles for over ten years. Using techniques for introspection as an integral part of her vocal coaching, she has a gift for guiding students through dissolving what blocks them, allowing each voice to blossom with freedom and ease.

Drawing on a lifetime of singing and overcoming her own obstacles along the way, Dara has done training, performance, and facilitation in ensemble singing, musical theater, operetta, indie folk, rock and roll, yoga, meditation, and emotional intelligence for schools and families. Her journey has taken her from the ocean of Santa Barbara to the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. She loves bringing all of this together through offering a wealth of resources and experience to her students. 

Dara’s first album, Skyland, can be heard on all major music platforms. She is currently writing a social-emotional based album for children, and pitching songs for placement in television and film. Dara attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York, and graduated with honors from UC Santa Barbara.

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA