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Songbird Tips: Break Rules Graphic
Type the words “how to sing” on Youtube and you’ll get a myriad of results - people telling you very spiritedly all about the “right way” to sing. Silly thing is, these folks are saying different things. Often, contradictory things. Sometimes things that aren’t even based in reality. How are you supposed to know? What...
Songbird Tips Hit High Notes Graphic
reflect in the mirror

  “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” You’ve seen the mirrors in each of our teaching rooms at Songbird. Why? What can a mirror really tell you? A lot, actually… As teachers and vocal coaches, we can see a lot from just watching you sing. In this article, we’re going to outline the things we look…

Songbird Studios Singing Tips Riff Better Graphic

  In a lesson with one of my long time singers, my student turned to me mid-song and said “But I can’t riff!” And I was caught off-guard – sure she didn’t sing tons of riffing songs, but she for sure added the occasional turn or run. Was she doing that without knowing it? I…