Even on a regular week, voice lessons are a highlight during the grind. Now more than ever, we want to maintain those positive vibes by offering your lessons in the safest, most streamlined way possible…

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Step by Step – How to get started:

Step 1. Download the Zoom app on your computer, tablet or phone and create a free account.

Step 2. Prepare your space. 

  • Be sure you have a strong internet/cellular connection. 5 Mbps WiFi or 5G cellular data is often plenty strong enough!
  • Find a quiet space – get creative! We’ve done online lessons from cars, closets, bathrooms, parks – you name it! 
  • You’ll need a second device to play any backing tracks or to read lyrics. 
  • Grab some headphones for a better sound experience.

Step 3. Join online at your lesson time! 

  • Click below on your teacher’s room link at your lesson time! See below for a handy reference.
  • You’ll chill in a virtual waiting room until your teacher is ready.

Step 4. SING!!!

  • At your lesson start time, your teacher will welcome you into your virtual room, and it’s go time!

How to Join a Zoom Meeting:


One of the great things about Zoom is that you have the ability to record your lesson to watch and practice with later. If you’d like to take advantage of this, click the “Record” button at the bottom of your screen and your teacher will approve the recording. Once you exit the lesson, it will automatically download to your computer. Super cool, right?

FAQ’s for Online Lessons:

How do I make the most of my online lessons?
Why Zoom? Why not Skype, Facetime, or…?
What’s different about online lessons?
When are you returning to in-studio lessons?
How do I make the most of my online lessons?

Take a few minutes to prepare. Make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded, you have a strong internet connection and a quiet spot. Headphones help as well! Bring a second device with your backing track – karaoke from your preferred music service (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) or Youtube totally works. We also recommend you record your lesson so you can watch and practice along with it!

Why Zoom? Why not Skype, Facetime, or…?

We’ve tried all of the above and by far have found Zoom to be the most reliable, with the most benefits and extra features. Things like a permanent room link, private waiting room, lesson recording, screen share, and a reliable streaming experience. We hope you love it as well!

What’s different about online lessons?

Online lessons will definitely have a different vibe (with both advantages & challenges!) – but rest assured, the quality of content and value in your lessons is not changing. Your instructor will be guiding you through scales and exercises, as usual, helping workshop your song, and providing valuable feedback – JUST like in an in-person lesson!

When are you returning to in-studio lessons?

We realize this change in response to health advisories due to the current coronavirus situation is abrupt, and we will be reassessing on March 29th to hopefully get back in the studio by April 1st. We love seeing your beautiful faces and we can’t wait to get back in the studio with you!

Songbird's new offering of online lessons has been SO helpful for me-- I'm so thrilled that I can just hop online and learn! My teacher, Riley, has seamlessly transitioned from my in-person lessons to our online lessons, and it is such a JOY to get to work with her. I was originally curious/skeptical if online singing lessons were possible.....but I've been learning new things in EVERY online lesson, just like my in-person lessons, and having so much fun. I'm a believer! In fact I'm practicing more now too, because singing with Riley online in my own space at home totally inspired me-- yay! Thank you Songbird for all that you do, and for making online lessons happen! Cheers!
CristinaSongbird Client
I’m so grateful that Songbird Studios offers online lessons. I travel a lot and with recording and touring, online lessons help me keep my voice in shape even when I’m on the road. Plus, they are a great way to incorporate vocal rehab techniques while you’re recovering from a cold or flu so you don’t have to miss a lesson. I get a great deal of value from the online lessons and they work great for my needs. A+ for Songbird!
KennaSongbird Client