Events   »   Fall 2021 Adult Performance Showcase
Unlock your inner superstar and perform with a professional band at one of San Francisco’s premier music venues, Bottom of The Hill!

Our Performance Showcase is an awesome opportunity to show off your chops in front of a live audience on a real stage with all of the lights & excitement of a legit concert. You’ll have the opportunity to perform two solo songs, as well as a group song with the other showcase participants.

You will:

  • Present the material you’ve been working so hard on during one-on-one lessons to ultra-supportive & adoring fans.
  • Experience the big stage will full sound, lights, and a four-piece band.
  • Hone not only singing but your performance skills in an elevated yet comfortable atmosphere.
  • Utilize Songbird Teachers as backing vocalists, singing harmony & supporting.
  • Rehearse and learn to communicate with professional musicians in a studio prior to the show.
  • Gain confidence & be the ROCKSTAR you know you are!

Current Songbird students are invited to participate. Friends, family & the general public are encouraged to attend, and guests typically pay a small cover at the door to help support our shows. Priceless moments onstage will be professionally photographed.

Whether you’re performing or just want to watch, we encourage you to attend the magic!

$279 – Welcome Back Pricing
*Must Be Available*

BAND REHEARSAL on Monday evening August 30th / Call Time 2pm on September 12th for soundcheck.