Songbird Singing Tips: Break Rules

 May 20, 2019   |    Songbird Studios   |    Articles, Tips & Tricks

Songbird Tips Break Rules GraphicType the words “how to sing” on Youtube and you’ll get a myriad of results – people telling you very spiritedly all about the “right way” to sing.

Silly thing is, these folks are saying different things. Often, contradictory things. Sometimes things that aren’t even based in reality.

How are you supposed to know? What IS the “right way” to sing? Is it wrong to belt? If a singer doesn’t have vibrato, are they singing wrong? The questions and self doubt can be endless… right?



FIRST OFF. Everyone should sing because it is freaking awesome. It brings us JOY as humans and connects us to emotional expression in a way nothing else does. Second, singing is an ART FORM. I strongly believe that there is no “right way” to sing – in fact in my personal opinion, when people all start singing the same and sounding the same I TUNE OUT. Sorry, not interested in “perfect” (#notsorry) – I’m interested in someone MOVING ME. As a listener or audience member, I want to believe you. I want you to OPEN YOUR HEART to me and tell me something. Tell me something about yourself or your life and make me feel something. Remind me that we share similar experiences and the same human emotions.

So where does this leave us as singers?

It might feel tempting to pull up the covers and dive into what you know, but we can’t shut out all information either. We aren’t BORN understanding everything about our voices and what they can and can’t do. It’s incredibly important to learn the fundamentals so we can navigate it all. What exactly do I mean by fundamentals? The real reals. What is ACTUALLY happening. What causes fatigue? What helps ease impact? What helps boost your SOUND? What exactly makes a note easier to sing?

You have to learn the rules so you can BREAK THEM. You have to explore (in a safe, healthy and responsible way) until you find your boundaries so you can PUSH THEM! The more you know, the more you can play. Your voice doesn’t fit in a box. Don’t try to force it and fit someone else’s idea of what you are “supposed” to sound like.

Find yourself a vocal coach or teacher that can help you on that journey – one that understands the goal: helping YOU better understand your voice so you can be MORE YOU.

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