“The keys to a successful and enjoyable vocal training are mindful coordination of what is already there, discovering new experiences – both challenging and self accepting, and the development of a voice that is its own as a result.”

Lili Arguello

Associate Vocal Coach

Lili was born in Quilmes – Buenos Aires, Argentina and demonstrated an affinity for music and artistic expression since a very young age. After finishing her career at Act&Art Musical Theatre, she enrolled in the Conservatory of Fine Arts in her hometown where she was trained in Classical singing by prominent teachers. At the same time, she took classes at the Popular Music School of Avellaneda, where she studied Jazz and Argentinean folk music such as Tango, Zamba and Chacarera.

In 2011, she formed the band Powerdack along with her brother; they released two LPs “Tesis” (2016) and “Una noche de soul rock” (2015), and one EP “Patología” (2013). She sang in many of the greatest theaters and venues in Buenos Aires with her band, performing in musical theatre productions and as a solo singer. Her passion about music and sharing what she learned led her to teaching and vocal directing ensembles and choirs. She uses her experience with dancing, acting, yoga and Feldenkrais as effective tools to set the body in motion towards the enjoyment of producing sound – in other words, singing with your whole heart and body.

In 2019, Lili re-located to the Bay Area to continue her exploration in music and performance. She wishes to fuse her latin roots, international influences, and the wonderful mix of cultures that intertwine and represent the soul of San Francisco. Music is not only her passion – it’s her life’s fuel. Lili has been with Songbird since 2019.

Hometown: Quilmes – Buenos Aires, AR