Stage Fright? You’re Not Alone! 5 Famous Singers Who Still Get Nervous.

 April 1, 2017   |    Songbird Studios   |    Articles, Events

Performing in front of an audience is one of the most common fears. But not just for amateurs. Believe it or not, some of the most famous professional singers, actors, and entertainers get terrible stage fright.

Anxiety and nerves are completely natural. In fact, they often help give you the right pump of adrenaline before stepping out on stage. For some it’s just the right combination, and stage fright is less debilitating. While for others, the risk involved with stepping in front of the audience is a larger hump to get over.

Stage fright and shyness are not synonymous either. Sometimes the shyest person may not experience stage fright, while the most extroverted will discover they have horrible performance jitters.

Our next workshop is all about learning tips for overcoming stage fright.

Here are 10 famous singers who still get nervous before taking the stage:

1. Adele

Adele has been very open about the fact that she gets stage fright, saying in an interview with Rolling Stone, “I’m scared of audiences.” However this hasn’t stopped the powerhouse performer, even when gearing herself up takes tremendous courage. Her frankness about performance anxiety has done nothing but endear her to her fans even more.

2. Rhianna

Rhianna is one of the most vibrant performers of today, but she still gets struggles with stage fright. Her solution? A pre-show ritual that includes throat relaxers and soothers, and a quick shot of liquor diluted with orange juice or soda water. Almost every performer, whether they get stage fright or not, has a pre-show ritual. This is one of the best ways to prep for a performance and is one of the best tips for overcoming stage fright.

3. Barbara Streisand

Streisand’s signature sound and style are available to audiences because the singer and actress actually takes anti-anxiety medication before a performance. An infamous incident forgetting the lyrics mid-song during a concert gave her horrible stage fright from then on. She now uses a teleprompter not only for songs, but any banter in between as well.

4. Andrea Bocelli

The famous opera singer, one third of the Three Tenors, gets horrible stage fright. In his own words: “Stage fright is my worst problem. A voice is very intimate. It’s something of your own. So there’s always this fear, because you feel naked. There’s a fear of not reaching up to expectations.”

5. Lorde

The “Royals” singer definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, but she has something in common with all the above in that she too suffers from stage fright. She reminds herself that every time she gets out there, she enjoys it. Just like reminding yourself that even if you don’t want to exercise, you’ll feel better after. “I tell myself that ‘You’ll be in your zone. The lights will be on and … people will be cheering and, you know, it’ll be okay.”

Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright

The good news is you can definitely learn to deal with stage fright – and not just deal. You can learn how to use it to your advantage, and make the stage feel more like home than ever before.

Our upcoming workshop Rock the Stage will provide tips and practical advice from two seasoned performers: Songbird vocal coaches Blake Cline and Christina Stogsdill. Learn how to overcome stage fright and truly own the stage while you’re performing.

This workshop will be on Sunday, April 23rd from 12pm-3pm. Registration is $65 for general public and $45 for Songbird Members. Hope to see you there!